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Health Services Provided to Students

All visits and consultations are confidential in accordance with HIPAA Federal Regulations.

Routine Medical Evaluation and Treatment

The medical providers at the Student Health Center provide evaluation and treatment of common acute illnesses/conditions & injury evaluation which are not life-threatening; and recommendations for healthcare issues related to sexual health, health promotion and disease prevention.

Our medical staff is comprised of a nurse practitioner and medical assistants who promote the interprofessional model of health care and collaboration. The Student Health Center does not bill the student’s health insurance for acute care services provided.

Additional Services Include:

  • Annual Physical Exams and TB Screening (PPD Placement/Reading) Fee for Service
  • Health related consultations, i.e. hypertension, weight-control, nutritional counseling, sleep issues, birth control, women’s/male’s health concerns, and sexual health and STI screening.

Emergency Care/Transport

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/9-1-1 will be notified. Students will be transported via EMS to University of Pennsylvania Emergency Department or other local medical facilities when indicated for evaluation and treatment of emergency conditions, required diagnostic testing/imaging, evaluation of any serious/acute condition, or when medically indicated. The University does not provide transportation for urgent care or routine health care appointments.

Health Related Consultations

Students may consult with one of our medical providers concerning an acute or chronic health condition, health concern, or any health related issue or problem. Students often come with questions/concerns about sexual health issues, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy, or alcohol / drug / tobacco problems. The medical providers may help student’s directly or assist the student in seeking help from a specialist or another appropriate medical provider/resource in the Philadelphia area.

Care of Emotional Problems

The medical providers at the Health Center work in close collaboration and consult with the psychologists at the Counseling Center on an ongoing basis. Students experiencing emotional stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues are referred to the psychologist for counseling and evaluation as indicated. Once again, all visits are confidential.

Nutritional Counseling

Students with special dietary and nutritional concerns or needs may seek advice from the medical providers, who also may have access to advice from an on-campus nutritionist. Examples of conditions that present nutritional challenges for students may include: diabetes, hypoglycemia, gastrointestinal conditions, adverse effects from medications, and issues concerning undesired weight gain or weight loss..

Laboratory Services

The Student Health Center has an on-site laboratory for urinalysis, throat cultures, urine cultures, rapid strep testing, rapid mono testing and pregnancy testing. Blood drawn and other lab specimens are collected for evaluation and sent to either Quest Diagnostic or LabCorp Laboratories

The Student Health Center does not bill the student’s health insurance for labs. However, both LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics will directly bill the student’s insurance for their laboratory services. Students may also use the Outpatient Laboratory Services at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Perlman Center or other lab centers located throughout the Philadelphia area.

Referral to Other Medical Facilities

Students who need services beyond the scope of the Student Health Center will be referred to appropriate healthcare providers or facilities as necessary. These healthcare providers/facilities will bill the student’s insurance. The medical providers at the Student Health Center do not provide primary care services. However, if needed, they will assist the student to access specialized services or primary care providers in the local area.

The medical providers at Student Health will provide assistance to students with chronic health conditions or primary care needs as follows:

  • Consult/collaborate with student’s Primary Care Provider/Specialist at home to bridge care with a local healthcare provider in the Philadelphia area as indicated
  • Provide students with medical resources and medical providers when transferring care from their home-based Primary Care Provider or Specialist to a local healthcare provider if needed

Educational Materials

The Student Health Center provides students with health related pamphlets, brochures and health information. These educational materials are available to students free of charge. Educational materials and pamphlets include information on such topics as HIV/STI Testing, STI’s, Safer Sex, Vaccines, Women’s and Men’s Health Issues, Birth Control, Nutrition, Exercise, Health Promotion Strategies, Disease Prevention, Assistance with Smoking Cessation; Sleep Hygiene, and Achieving a Balanced Student Lifestyle

Eligibility and Cost

All registered students are eligible to access health services. There is no charge for services received at the Student Health Center unless specifically indicated (Physical Exam and TB Testing). However, in cases where referrals to outside healthcare providers or healthcare facilities are indicated for evaluation or treatment payment will be expected by the outside provider.  

In addition, all new students must complete and upload to the Student Health Portal the required Student Health Record, Physical Examination, and Immunization Record which is completed by the student’s healthcare provider prior to arriving on campus. Suggestions or comments from the primary care provider regarding athletic restrictions or other health problems should be indicated on the History and Physical Examination form.

In order for the medical providers to properly treat students, it is required that all new students upload to the Student Health Portal their completed Student Health Record, Immunization Record, and Titer Results. This information will become part of the student's confidential medical record and will be used to provide necessary health care. If the Student Health Record is not completed and uploaded to the Student Health Portal by the designated date, the student will be placed on a health hold preventing them from registering for courses or obtaining grades at the end of the semester.

Hours and Appointments


During the academic year, (Fall & Spring semesters) the Student Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Visits are by appointment only and can be made in person or by phone (online appointment scheduling via the Student Health Portal using a computer or smartphone has been temporarily suspended due the the COVID-19 pandemic.)


Students are seen by appointment only. Please see information below about scheduling options. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm but clinical appointment times may vary based on provider availability.

After hours:

Students needing medical or emergency after hours should dial go to a local urgent care clinic, emergency department., or call 9-1-1. The following facilities are located near campus:

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (3400 Spruce Street)
  • Mercy Hospital (501 South 54th Street)
  • MyDoc Urgent Care (3717 Chestnut Street)

Scheduling Options

In Person: Stop by the first floor in Whitecar Hall Suite 1200 (temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
By Phone: Call 215-596-8980
Online: Register for the Student Health Portal and Schedule Online at (temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Students are encouraged to cancel or reschedule their appointment if unable to attend that day.


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Office Hours*

*Clinical hours may differ from office hours.
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