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Student Health Insurance Enrollment, Benefits and Cost

Students without health insurance are required to enroll in the USciences Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). The enrollment application is available online during the scheduled waiver periods, listed below:

  • Summer 2022: 04/04/22 - 06/17/22 (Incoming and newly eligible students)
  • Spring 2022: 12/01/21 - 01/28/22 (Incoming and newly eligible students)
  • Fall 2021: 07/15/21 – 09/11/21 (All students, including summer students)

Students who do not have an enrollment application on file by the deadline will be automatically enrolled in the SHIP on a mandatory basis.

Dependents are eligible to enroll in the plan on a voluntary basis. Dependents must enroll at the same time that the student enrolls and dependents must match the same coverage period as the student.

How much does the SHIP cost?

The premium is charged to your Student Account after you register for courses prior to starting your first semester, as well as annually in the summer prior to the start of Fall semester. This charge will be removed if a SHIP waiver is both submitted and approved by First Risk Advisors. If the cost of the SHIP premium poses a financial hardship, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 215-596-8894 to determine whether you qualify to increase your borrowing eligibility. Student health insurance is an item that can be included in the student’s cost of attendance for financial aid purposes.

Insured Annual
8/15/21 - 8/14/22
Student $2,232
Spouse $2,232
One Child $2,232
All Children $4,464
All Dependents $6,696

When does coverage under the SHIP begin?

  • Summer Coverage - May 1 through August 14
  • Annual Coverage - August 15 through August 14
  • Spring Coverage - January 11 through August 14

Please note: The University-sponsored insurance plan is an annual policy. As a result, the insurance underwriter does not allow for premature exit from the contact between the student and the insurance company even if you separated from the University.

What does the SHIP cover?

USciences Student Health and Counseling (SHAC), in partnership with First Risk Advisors and United Healthcare, is pleased to be able to offer students (and their dependents) an affordable, high-quality health insurance plan. If you become seriously ill or injured, the SHIP will help you receive local health care and relieve the financial stress due to medical expenses.

USciences SHIP is a comprehensive plan that provides coverage for a full range of medical services, including inpatient and outpatient services, specialty care without referral, emergency care, hospitalization, and mental health across the nation, as well as prescription drugs and discount dental and vision services.

For the full plan brochure and summary of benefits and coverage, please click here.