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Counseling Services Provided to Students

All currently enrolled students are eligible for services at the counseling center. Some people have specific ideas about what they would like to get from counseling, while others want help sorting through personal, professional, academic, or familial concerns to determine what their focus of counseling might be.

Individual Counseling

We provide short and long term counseling services for students. This may include initial intake assessment, weekly individual counseling sessions, limited problem solving sessions, or urgent consultation. Issues routinely addressed often include but are not limited to: depression and anxiety, stress management, academic issues, communication, relationships, gender and sexuality, roommate conflicts, career questions, family conflict, grief, eating concerns, substance use, etc.


We provide consultation for the University community including faculty, staff, advising, and others in support of students.

Educational/ outreach programming

We work with the University campus on a number of initiatives aimed at increasing student success and decreasing risk, including such topics as:

Suicide Prevention

suicide preventionUniversity of the Sciences has been awarded the JedCampus Seal for the University’s commitment to the emotional well-being of its students. The seal indicates USciences is providing comprehensive, campus-wide, mental health and suicide prevention programming to its students. This is an ongoing campus wide initiative that includes policies, procedures, and programming

More information about the Jed Foundation and ULifeline (an online self help resource.)

Date Rape Prevention

All first year students participate in Date Rape Prevention workshops exploring ideas around the importance of consent and communication. Additional campus wide initiatives take place throughout the year and include Sexual Assault Awareness Week, Title IX workshops and other programs.

Stress Management

The Counseling Center delivers a stress management program to individual orientation and advising classes to help students understand and manage stress better. For stress management resources click below:

Relaxation Recordings

Other useful stress management websites

Psychiatric consultation

Students who participate in counseling services have access to a consulting psychiatrist for medication evaluation and management. Because these services are limited, students must be meeting with a counselor who will make the referral to the psychiatrist.

Referrals and coordination of higher levels of care

Sometimes students are experiencing symptoms or have concerns that require more care than we can provide. This may be in cases where there are specific needs which would be better served by a speciality clinic or provider, or where there is a need for a higher level of care. We provide referrals and work closely with students to get their needs met.

Eligibility and Cost

All registered students are eligible for counseling services. There is no charge for services received at the counseling center, but in cases where referrals to outside clinicians or centers are made for evaluation or treatment, payment will be expected by the outside provider. If outside services are determined to be relevant and needed, we will work with students through case management to find providers that will work with insurance or on a sliding scale as needed. The cost of filling a prescription provided by the Consulting Psychiatrist is the responsibility of the student.

Hours and Appointments

The Counseling office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Beginning in mid May, the Center operates on a summer schedule, and is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30am until 5:00pm 

Please note: clinical appointment times may vary based on staff availability. Please call Student Counseling 215.596.8536 to schedule an appointment.

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule your first appointment call 215.596.8536 or email Be prepared to provide your contact information including name, student ID #, phone number, and email address.

When you schedule your intake appointment you will be asked to fill out a few preliminary assessment forms in advance. Please prepare to set aside 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete these forms. The forms involve questions regarding your current functioning and why you are seeking counseling services.

Your intake appointment allows us to gather information needed to better understand your needs and make decisions about the most appropriate way to meet those needs. This may involve a limited consultation, ongoing weekly counseling sessions, or a referral to another campus department or off campus professional who may better serve your needs.

To schedule an appointment with the psychiatrist you must first have an intake session with a counselor who will make the appropriate referral. See the Psychiatric Care Policy for further information about psychiatry services.


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