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Student Health and Counseling - Confidentiality and Privacy Practices

SHAC is fully committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal health and counseling information. Information shared during a visit at SHAC will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. While staff will not release personal information, or even confirm whether a student sought services without written permission, to include parents, family members, friends, or USciences faculty, the professional staff may confer with each other to be sure to make appropriate referrals and to improve the quality of services.

The rare exceptions to this rule of confidentiality, as required by law, include the following situations:

  1. If there is a reason to believe there is imminent danger of seriously harming yourself or others.
  2. If there is a reason to believe that a child or vulnerable adult has been, or is likely to be, abused or neglected.
  3. If there is a valid court order which requires disclosure of information.

Records, whether electronic or paper, are secured electronically or in locked files, respectively. Only SHAC staff has access to these records. These records will be held for a seven year period from graduation for those students seen in the office as a patient and for a period of seven years from matriculation for those students never seen at SHAC.


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