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Campus Security Systems

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are strategically placed throughout the campus for your safety. When activated, they automatically contact the Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center and allow direct communication between you and a dispatcher.

Speak in a calm and clear manner while providing as much detail as possible. The Public Safety Dispatcher will dispatch public safety personnel and other emergency responders to your location based on the information you provide.

If you are in immediate danger or are being followed, activate the nearest call box and, if necessary, keep moving, activating additional call boxes as you proceed to a safe location to call 215-596-7000. Officers respond to and investigate all call box activations.

The Department of Public Safety tests the emergency call boxes on a regular basis to ensure operational compliance. If an emergency call box is out of service, a sign will be posted on the call box directing you to the nearest functioning call box.

Anyone experiencing a problem regarding the condition or use of an emergency call box should contact the Public Safety Dispatch Center immediately: 215-596-7000.

Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency on campus, the Department of Public Safety uses the University’s Emergency Notification System to communicate information to all members of the University community. The ENS network utilizes the e2Campus Rapid Notification System (text messaging), email, an internal phone system, video display systems, the Campus TV cable network, the University's website, information flyers, local TV, and radio.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to register for the e2Campus Rapid Notification System.

Video Surveillance (CCTV System)

The Department of Public Safety strategically deploys a 24/7, state-of-the-art video surveillance system to monitor interior and exterior public space areas around campus. The system provides valuable information for investigative purposes and a deterrent to criminal activity.

Identification Cards

All current students, faculty, and staff are issued identification cards in order to access campus buildings, events, and services. When on University-owned property, you must wear your ID card and be able to produce identification upon request from a Public Safety official or University official.

Individuals are not permitted to lend their ID cards to others, use another individual's ID card, or tamper with ID cards in any manner. ID card holders are responsible for immediately reporting any ID card that fails to operate correctly, is lost, or is stolen to the Department of Public Safety: 215-597-7000.

Access Control

University buildings are equipped with electronic access control devices that monitor certain University buildings during normal business hours and monitor all buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All University residential halls require students to use their ID cards for entry. Guests entering a residence hall are required to show ID and follow all policies and procedures.

University students are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their guests at all times. It is against University policy to attempt to use your ID card to enter any area in which access has not been authorized by the Department of Public Safety or an authorized department administrator.


Important Resources

Emergency Dispatch:
Non-Emergency Dispatch:
Police, Fire, & Medical Emergencies:
Environmental Health & Safety (Chemical Spills):
215-596-8925, 215-596-8843
Student Health Services:
Walking Escort:
Penn Transport Services:
215-898-RIDE (7433)


Michael E. Lapotasky, MA Ed, Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator


University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495


Office: 215-895-1118
Cell: 908-334-8877