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Housing Selection Process

Who Lives On Campus?

Housing is available to all students: incoming students (U1s), second-year students (U2s), and all students beyond their third year (U3/P1 and beyond). If you’re a U3/P1 or higher and wish to remain in, or return to on-campus housing, email Residence Life.

First- and second-year students under the age of 21 and whose permanent address at the time of their enrollment deposit is more than 30 miles from campus are required to reside in University housing.

During your first year, if you are not required but would like to live on campus, you may apply for a One- Year Housing Agreement. Please contact Residence Life.

Housing Priorities

  • U1 students are given priority for the Living & Learning Commons. A limited number of spaces will be allocated for U2 and above students through an annual online lottery process. 
  • All other U2/P1 and above students will be assigned to Osol or Wilson Residence Halls. 
  • To guarantee their housing assignment, first-year students must electronically sign their housing agreement and pay the required tuition and housing deposit through the enrollment gateway by May 1.

Residents who wish to return to on-campus living will select housing during the spring through an online process.

Selecting Your Room Preferences (Incoming first year students and transfers)

We understand that many students are eager to connect with classmates and potential roommates.   The housing website allows you to setup a roommate profile, make it visable, and search for other individuals based on a variety of filterable criteria such as lifestyle preferences and major.  Click here for instructions (screenshots included).  The process is quick and you are able to easily turn your profile on and off with just one click.

  1. Pay your $200 deposit in conjunction with your tuition enrollment deposit. You can pay this deposit online via credit card, as well as electronically sign your housing agreement, at You may also pay with a check via postal mail. 
  2. Visit to setup your housing profile:
    • Enter the email address associated with your USciences application and your Student ID
    • Click the “Activate Account” button to submit your request and check your email for further instructions.
  3. Submit the Fall 2021 housing application:
    • Login to the housing website
    • Click “Apply for Housing”
    • Complete the Fall 2021 housing application
  4. Choose your housing preferences. You will have the ability to indicate your roommate preferences, hall (most first year students are placed in the Living & Learning Commons), specialty floor (all-female, health and wellness, athlete etc.), and even roommate (make sure they choose you too)! Residence Life cannot guarantee that requests will be honored, however we will exhaust all efforts to accommodate students in accordance with our housing availability and resources. Students who have not pre-selected a roommate will be matched according to their lifestyle and roommate preferences.
  5. Housing assignments. Students who complete their housing account and create a roommate group with a preferred roommate by June 1 will receive a housing assignment by no later than June 15.  All students must complete the housing account and make roommate selections (if desired) by July 1 and housing assignments will be provided by no later than July 15. 

Housing Exemptions

The following situations may qualify you to apply for a housing exemption:

  • Permanent address within 30-mile radius of campus at time of enrollment deposit
  • Significant demonstrated financial hardship
  • Married or partnered (at start of academic year)
  • Over 21 years of age (at start of academic year)
  • Accommodation mandated by Americans with Disabilities Act

Please note that very few releases are granted, and until notified by Residence Life, you must remain in on-campus housing. Signing an off-campus lease does not grant a housing exemption.

First-Year Housing and Roommate Requests

To ease the transition to USciences, first-year students may submit housing or roommate requests through the housing website. The Office of Residence Life does its best, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored.


Important Resources

Osol Hall Front Desk: 215-895-1125
Wilson Hall Front Desk: 215-895-1144
Division of Student Affairs: 215-596-8950
Public Safety: 215-596-7000
Student Health: 215-596-8980
Counseling Services: 215-596-8536


Eddie Harris 
Residence Director, Living & Learning Commons



Dominic Viola
Director of Residence Life