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Dimensions of Wellness

As a university dedicated to the sciences and health professions, USciences values the health and well being of our students. We recognize that while college is an exciting time, it can also be challenging, and we are committed to supporting our students not only in their academics and career development, but in creating their best lives.

Grounded in this multidimensional model of wellness, USciences offers a wide variety of services and programs to care for your body, mind, and spirit.

Physical Wellness

physical wellness iconPhysical Wellness involves all of the activities necessary to keep your body in top condition. It includes participating in regular physical activity, eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting adequate sleep and rest, managing your stress, making positive choices about you sexual health, and limiting tobacco, alcohol, and substance use.

Healthy Eating


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Smoking and Tobacco

Emotional Wellness

emotional wellness iconEmotional wellness involves the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of a wide range of emotions in ourselves and others. Emotional wellness recognizes that challenge, stress, and conflict are unavoidable, yet we can meet these challenges with optimism and learn and grow from them – viewing life enthusiastically as an exciting and joyful adventure.

Intellectual Wellness

intellectual wellness iconIntellectual Wellness encourages the pursuit of creative and mentally stimulating activities, whether formally in the classroom or informally as you explore the world and pursue your personal interests. Intellectual Wellness recognizes the importance of cultivating a love of learning and taking a lifelong interest in expanding one’s knowledge and developing new skills.

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Occupational Wellness

occupational wellness iconOccupational Wellness recognizes the personal satisfaction and life enrichment that we receive through meaningful work. It involves exploring career options and choosing a career path consistent with your personal values, interests, and beliefs that provides you with a sense of purpose.

Social Wellness

social wellness iconSocial wellness recognizes the importance of cultivating healthy, nurturing, supportive relationships and fostering connection and a sense of belonging in your community. Maintaining your social wellness involves becoming actively involved on campus and working to build a community that is friendly, supportive, and inclusive. 

Cultural Wellness

cultural wellness iconCultural Wellness recognizes the importance of feeling connected to our cultural heritage in defining ourselves and sense of place in the world. Cultural Wellness also involves learning about and appreciating the diversity of cultures and beliefs in our community and celebrating the richness that this diversity brings to our experiences.

Spiritual Wellness

spiritual wellness iconSpiritual Wellness involves exploring and understanding our own beliefs, values, and sense purpose. Our sense of spirituality can help us to make healthy choices that honor ourselves and our values, and can help us to create meaning in our lives. Like Cultural Wellness, Spiritual Wellness also includes understanding and appreciating the diversity of beliefs in our community.

Environmental Wellness

environmental wellness iconEnvironmental wellness recognizes the innate connection between ourselves and our environment, and encourages us to live in a manner that is appreciative of nature and respectful of the Earth. Environmental Wellness may include spending time outdoors connecting with nature, developing environmentally friendly habits, as well as caring for our personal spaces – keeping our spaces organized, clean, and free from hazards.



Heidi V. Freeman, MA, PhD, Assistant Dean of Students for Health & Wellness


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