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Support and Exploration in Culture and Arts

Creativity, collaboration, spiritual life—they’re all elements of a meaningful life, and they help lower stress while promoting academic and professional success. From a demanding but fun dance group to worshiping with the community of your choice, USciences has many ways to get involved.

Alliance / LGBTQIA

Increasing awareness, providing support, and making a safe and comfortable environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual students, faculty, administration—that’s the Alliance’s inclusive mission. All meetings are safe and confidential.

Armenian Students Cultural Association

This group has a strong outreach mission: to educate others about Armenian culture and current issues, through events and discussions that raise awareness and attention.

Asian Students Association

Promoting unity with other cultural groups and support for Asian and Asian-American students, this association holds social, educational, and political events.

Black Student Union

Formed as the Black Academic Achievement Society in 1971, the Black Student Union focuses on appreciation, development, and positive influence by and for African-American students and cultural heritage. Its networking,political and cultural events and resources are geared toward minority populations but are open to all students.

Culture Shock Dance Team

The dance-focused club of the International Society, Culture Shock applies elements of traditional music to modern dance performance.

Dhadkan South Asian Dance Team

This creative South Asian fusion dance team performs styles from hip hop to Bollywood and Bhangra, competing nationally. Tryouts are open to all.


Helping raise awareness and giving students a chance to bond over shared cultural customs and values, the Expressions of Philadelphia’s Indian Culture club (E.P.I.C.) holds meetings and events open to all in the campus community.

International Society

Learning each other’s cultures and heritage leads to a spirit of togetherness and community—that’s the concept behind the International Society, which sponsors events and educational activities highlighting our diverse ethnic student population.

Kingsessing Players & Singers

Instrumental music players and vocalists can join one of the up to nine ensembles, from strings to jazz and chorus. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join, and those who regularly attend rehearsals get the opportunity to perform at USciences events.

Motions Dance Company

Love dance? The Motions Dance Company features modern, tap, and jazz ensembles that explore creative movement and entertain on campus.

Pilipino Cultural Association

Students at USciences, in the greater Philadelphia area, from the Philippines, and other ethnic and cultural groups, share and strengthen ties as they join for dance, events, and political advocacy activities.

Religious Organizations

USciences welcomes all religious expression and offers a number of religious organizations, including a Catholic student organization, the Muslim Students Association, and the Hindu Student Council.

  • BAPS Student Group
  • Jewish Students Association (JSA)
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)
  • Orthodox Christian Student Fellowship (OCSF)
  • Renewal Christian Fellowship (RCF)
  • USciences Christian Fellowship (UCF)
  • Young Jains of USciences

Tarang Indian Student Organizations

Tarang promotes awareness and understanding of Indian culture by conducting study groups, festival celebration, symposia, sports opportunities, and other social activities.