Physician Assistant Studies, MSPAS

The information contained in these web pages is for USciences currently enrolled students for classes 2018 and 2019.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Graduate Professional Physician Assistant program is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that educates students to become providers of quality, evidence based medicine that encompasses the ethical, socioeconomic, and cultural sensitivities of each individual patient.  The program will provide students with the motivation and skills to distinguish themselves as innovators and leaders in their field.


University of the Sciences Graduate Professional Physician Assistant Program will:

  • offer a broad based quality curriculum that will allow students to follow clinical pathways while reinforcing the importance of primary care, underserved populations, and geriatrics.
  • Our students will:
  • embrace the value of the health care team;
  • engage in evidence-based, lifelong learning and scholarly activity;
  • participate in community and professional service which incorporates cultural and ethical sensitivities; and
  • maintain the highest standards of wellness for patients, community, and self.

Support Services for Current Students

The following support services are available to current students:

Performance Data

The Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE), is a computer-based certification examination taken by physician assistants in the United States. The PANCE must be taken before a PA can be licensed for the first time upon graduation from an accredited program.

First Time Takers Pass Rate

Curriculum—102 Credits

Year One—34 Credits

Fall Courses Credits
Human Anatomy 4
Human Physiology 3
History/Physical I 3
Pharmacology I 3
PA History 1
Genetics 1
Psychosocial Medicine 2
  Total Fall: 17
Spring Courses Credits
Pathophysiology 3
History/Physical II and Clinical Skills 3
Clinical Medicine I 4
Pharmacology II 3
Diagnostics I 2
Introduction to Research/EBM 2
  Total Spring: 17

Year Two—34 Credits

Fall Courses Credits
Clinical Medicine II 4
Diagnostics II 2
Research Methods, Designs and Implementation 3
Pediatrics 2
Emergency Medicine 2
Surgery 2
Women’s Health 2
   Total Fall: 17
Spring Courses Credits
5 week Primary Care Rotation 4
5 week Primary Care Rotation 4
5 week Internal Medicine Rotation 4
5 week Pediatrics Rotation 4
Professional Practice Issues I 1
  Total Spring: 17

Year Three—34 Credits

Fall Courses Credits
5 week Women’s Health Rotation 4
5 week Behavioral/Mental Health Rotation 4
5 week Surgery Rotation 4
5 week Emergency Medicine Rotation 4
Issues in Geriatrics I 1
Professional Practice Issues II 1
  Total Fall: 18
Spring Courses Credits
5 week Geriatrics Rotation 4
5 week Elective Rotation 4
5 week Elective Rotation 4
3 week Capstone 2
Issues in Geriatrics II 1
Professional Practice Issues III 1
  Total Spring: 16

Employment While Enrolled in the Program

Program faculty does not advise outside employment while participating in the Physician Assistant Program. Faculty recognizes that employment may be an issue that some students will face. Given this recognition, realize that Program obligations will not be altered due to a student’s work obligations. It is further expected that work obligations will not interfere with the student’s learning progress or responsibilities while in the Program. Working often interferes with learning opportunities during rotation activities. The schedule of clinical experiences and clerkship hours to be observed are set by the Program or preceptor and are not negotiable. The Program also discourages the student from working clinically at the same site where they are completing clinical experiences or clerkships.

Students who are involved in or commence volunteer or paid work during the course of their Physician Assistant training cannot use their affiliation with the Physician Assistant Program in any aspect of that job. Work outside the Physician Assistant Program undertaken by the student, independent of the Program, is not covered by the liability offered for clinical work associated with the educational experience and students may not represent themselves as University of the Sciences Physician Assistant students.

The Physician Assistant Program will not employ students at any time.

Accreditation Status

ARC-PA has accepted the voluntary withdrawal of the PA Program at the University of the Sciences from the ARC-PA accreditation process effective February 22, 2017. The PA program will remain on Accreditation-Probation until it has completed teaching out currently enrolled students – but no later than June of 2019. The PA program will not accept any new students for enrollment. Specific questions regarding the Program and its plans should be directed to the Program Director and/or the appropriate institutional official(s). 

First Time Takers Pass Rate