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Physical Therapy (DPT) - Application Process

University of the Sciences offers you three admission options.

  • Direct-Entry DPT Option: You can declare your major as a freshman and earn your DPT degree in just under six years.
  • Transfer into the undergraduate program with approved transfer coursework and continue in the DPT program at USciences
  • Graduate DPT Option: You can begin immediately to take advantage of the educational and clinical advantages of University of the Sciences. If you have earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy, you can enter the DPT program in the First Professional Year.

Questions? Contact, 888-996-8747 or 215-596-8810.

Physical therapy students must consistently demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, the physical, emotional, and cognitive essential functions and technical standards that are necessary for successful completion of the physical therapy program at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Direct Entry Option

First-time Student Application Process

We are excited that you are interested in attending University of the Sciences!

Apply online. Applications are free.


  1. Submit your official high school transcripts from all high schools you have attended. A list of senior year coursework must be present.
  2. Be sure to complete one of the Common Application essay prompts.
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation. Up to two additional letters may be submitted. You can use our recommendation form.
  4. Submission of SAT and/or ACT scores is optional. We superscore, so if you choose to submit SAT and/or ACT scores we will use the exam you perform best on. SAT/ACT scores will only be used to put a student in a better position to be considered for acceptance.

    USciences test codes:
    ACT: 3671
    SAT: 2663

All materials can be uploaded via the Common Application. If you plan to submit SAT and/or ACT scores, they should be sent directly from Collegeboard and/or ACT.

You may also mail materials:

Admission Office
University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19104


USciences is rolling admission - we accept qualified applicants throughout the year, and until the class is filled. The sooner you apply, the better your chances will be of gaining admission. Only complete applications can be reviewed.

Transfer Option

Transfer students are admitted into the undergraduate years one, two or three of the six year program depending on coursework completed.

Before you get started, here are some things you should know:

  • In order to retain your guaranteed seat in the professional program (year four), you must pass all prerequisite courses with the minimally acceptable grade and have a cumulative and science/math GPA of 3.00 by the end of the fall semester of the third undergraduate (U3) year.
  • You may only transfer into the Fall semester
    • Deadline to receive materials for Fall term is July 1

To Apply:

Apply online. Applications are free.


  1. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and / or universities attended
  2. Submit official high school transcripts or an official copy of a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). This is waived if you have an Associate’s degree or 30+ college credits prior to your enrollment at USciences.
  3. Submit official SAT or ACT scores (if you have 24 or more credits you do not have to submit these scores.) Please contact the College Board at 866-756-7346 or ACT Assessment at 319-337-1313 to obtain your scores.
  4. One to three letters of recommendation. Recommendations may be submitted using our recommendation form.
  5. A professional goal statement—The statement should explain in detail your interest in the professional program to which you are applying, how you developed this interest, your career goals, and any attributes and accomplishments you believe will enhance your future academic and career success. Also please tell us why you have chosen to apply to USciences.

**International Students should check the transfer admission page for additional requirements.

Click here for an incomplete list of courses from other institutions that transfer into USciences.


You may be considered as a second-year transfer into the Physical Therapy program if you have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA, and science/math GPA of 3.00, and have completed the following first-year courses:

  • General Chemistry I & II with labs (8 credits)
  • Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
  • Pre-calculus & Calculus I (6 credits)
  • 2 semesters of Writing Intensive English (6 credits)
  • General Education – Humanities Requirement (3 credits)
    Examples of humanities classes are:
      • Art Appreciation
      • History
      • Music Appreciation
      • Philosophy—Ethics and Values
      • Any foreign languages


You may be considered as a third-year transfer into the Physical Therapy program if you have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA, and science/math GPA of 3.00, and have completed the first- year courses above as well as the following second-year courses:

  • General Biology I & II with labs  (NOT Anatomy & Physiology) (8 credits)
  • Physics I & II (8 credits)
  • Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Communication (3 credits)
  • General Education Requirement (Additional social science or humanities elective credit) (6 credits)
    Examples of social sciences are:
    • Psychology
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • Sociology
    • Anthropology

*The course sequence is provided as a general guideline for what a complete academic year within the program looks like. If you have not completed all of the required courses listed within an academic year, we encourage you to still apply. We will evaluate your coursework, and, if you are accepted, develop a customized curriculum that will allow you to complete your degree at USciences.

Graduate Option

Application Process

We will begin accepting applications for 2022 via the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) in July. A supplemental application is not required.  Please submit all documentation directly to PTCAS.


  • 3.0 GPA, with a “C” or better in all prerequisite courses. A cumulative and science/math GPA of 3.00 is required.
  • The Physical Therapy program has a priority application deadline of November 1.
    Final Application deadline is February 15.
  • A GRE is not required.
  • Shadowing hours are not required but highly recommended of all applicants.
  • Interview
      • An invitation only interview is required for admission into the program. Interviews begin in October and continue until all seats are filled.
      • Interviews for the 2021-2022 cycle will be held virtually via Zoom.
  • Classes for the Physical Therapy program will begin in May.  


Required prerequisite courses should be completed by the end of the Spring term preceding enrollment at USciences:

  • Chemistry, with lab (2 semester sequence, 8 credits)
  • Biology, with lab (2 semester sequence, 8 credits)
  • Physics, with lab (2 semester sequence, 8 credits)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (2 semester sequence, 8 credits-inclusive of labs I and II.)
  • Nutrition (3 credits)
  • Mathematics (including 1 semester each of Pre-calculus & Statistics, 9 credits*)
  • Psychology (6 credits)
    • Complete two of the following: Introduction to Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, or Abnormal Psychology
  • Additional Social Science coursework (6 credits)
    • Examples of social sciences are:
        • Psychology
        • Economics
        • Political Science
        • Sociology
        • Anthropology
  • English (6 credits)
    • One writing intensive course
    • One additional English course
  • Medical Terminology (2 credits)^

* If you have taken Calculus, then only 3 additional Math credits in Statistics are required.
^ If you have not completed medical terminology at the time of acceptance, you can opt to complete a free online proficiency course prior to the start of the program in May.

**International Students should check the graduate admission page for additional requirements