Chair’s Message - Department of Physical Therapy

If your desire is to become a practicing physical therapist, the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at USciences will prepare you to exceed the American Physical Therapy Association vision for the future: “By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy, recognized by consumers and other healthcare professionals as the practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, and environmental barriers related to movement, function, and health.”

Our department is dedicated to providing a superior education so you’ll be ready “to practice autonomously, yet collaboratively, within an evolving, complex, and diverse healthcare environment.” That comes straight out of our mission statement, and you’ll experience how we live it every day.

You will actively engage in outcome-driven classroom, laboratory, experiential, interprofessional, and clinical education activities. This student-centered-learning will feed your curiosity and help you succeed, equipping you for the present healthcare environment but also the future of healthcare.

Our dedicated and talented faculty is committed to guiding students to become professionals who value integrity, lifelong learning, and a commitment to rendering evidence-based comprehensive physical therapy for all people.

We welcome the opportunity for you to join us and begin your journey to becoming a physical therapist.

Best Regards,

Lora Packel, PhD, PT
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy