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Health Science Major - Curriculum & Duration

You will take foundational courses that include University of the Sciences general education requirements, additional courses in the natural and/or social sciences, and courses focused on research methods and design. You will also take health science courses that relate to normal and abnormal development, structure and function; that relate to healthcare delivery; or that facilitate the development of the health science competencies.

While a portion of the curriculum is based on these required courses, you are also given the ability to establish, under the guidance of an academic advisor, an individualized curriculum focused in an area of health science. You will take specific courses related to an area of interest to prepare you for future employment or further education. Sample areas of concentration include healthcare business, healthcare writing, pre-medical, health science research, and community health/public policy.

The following is a typical curriculum for students entering University of the Sciences in Fall 2018; other students should refer to their advisor for their curricula.

First Year

Seminar for Health Science
Health Sciences Orientation II
Precalculus, General Calculus
Physical Education I, II
Writing and Rhetoric I, II
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology

Second Year

Science with Lab (8 credits)
Introduction to Communication
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Requirements
Humanities Discipline Requirements
Free Elective
Health Science Elective

Third Year

Health Science Research I, II
Health Science Electives
Health Science Natural Science Courses

Fourth Year

Health Science Fieldwork
Health Science Electives
Health Science Requirement


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