Exercise Science and Wellness Management Major - Experiential Opportunities

The Exercise Science and Wellness Management Program will prepare you both intellectually and practically for a career in a variety of wellness settings. We get you out of the classroom and into environments where you work directly with clients, building your skill set and gaining valuable experience.


Two semesters will be spent completing practicums, where you focus on gaining hands-on experience working in diverse settings. One semester, for example, could be spent working with a collegiate or professional sports team, developing strength training and nutrition programs for its athletes. You could spend your second semester working with corporate clients, creating health promotion programs. Other options include health education, personal training, and community recreation. The opportunities are as varied as the field itself.

Recent practicums include

  • Scranton Legends Minor League Baseball - NY Yankees
  • Seneca Physical Therapy and Wellness
  • Hershey Medical Center
  • Aquahab Aquatic & Fitness Center
  • William G. Rohrer Center at Virtua Health
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • Cigna Corporate Wellness
  • Northampton Borough Recreation Center  

Coursework of Interest

The program’s management course, Fitness, Sport & Health Management, teaches you management skills and entrepreneurship. The experienced-based curriculum includes the planning, implementation and evaluation of a campus-wide health fair.

The Exercise Testing class is also very hands-on, as you and your fellow students test each other on a plethora of assessments that you will utilize in the professional world, such as body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance, speed, power, agility, cardiovascular endurance, and cholesterol and glucose levels.

Capstone Course

Health and Wellness will introduce you to the six dimensions of wellness - physical, occupational, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. You will be exposed to such concepts as meditation, positive psychology, Reiki, Feng Shui and stress management, all with hands-on components.

Your Capstone Course is an excellent opportunity to pull together a professional portfolio of leadership. You’ll have solid examples to show potential employees your accomplishments during your four years at the University. You will have a clear direction, be well prepared for your profession and enter the workforce as a highly employable candidate.