Exercise Science and Wellness Management Major - Curriculum & Duration

The Exercise Science and Wellness Management program integrates classroom knowledge and fieldwork assignments to give you real-world experiences. In addition learning through the program’s science-based curriculum, you will complete a two-semester, hands-on practicum in a sport, fitness, health, or recreation area of your choice. For specialized and advanced practice areas, you can seek additional certifications under the supervision of your advisor and instructors.

The following is a typical curriculum for students entering University of the Sciences in Fall 2017; other students should refer to their advisor for their curricula.

First Year

General Chemistry I, II
General Chemistry Lab I, II
Seminar for Health Science
Health Sciences Orientation II
Precalculus, General Calculus
Physical Education I, II
Introduction to Psychology
Writing and Rhetoric I, II
Introduction to Sociology

Second Year

General Biology I, II
General Biology Lab I, II
Introduction to Communication
General Education Humanities Discipline Requirements
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Requirements
Free Electives

Third Year

Human Structure and Function I, II
Human Structure and Function Lab I, II
CPR/AED/First Aid, Professional Rescuer
Health and Wellness
Introduction to Biostatistics
Exercise Testing and Prescriptions
Research Methods in Kinesiology
Fitness and Sports Nutrition
Fitness, Sport, and Health Management
Health Science Elective
Free Elective

Fourth Year

Exercise Physiology
Internship I, II
Intro to Interprofessional Education
Health Science Electives