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Chair’s Message - Department of Kinesiology

The field of kinesiology embraces every aspect of the physical, practical, and behavioral phenomena related to participation in various types of health, sport, exercise, and lifestyle choices. As a professional in exercise physiology or health science, you can apply this knowledge by educating clients, patients, and athletes on how to employ healthy behavior modification to improve health, well-being, and/or performance in exercise and sport and daily lifestyle choices. We’ll prepare you to be a healthcare professional as we promote physical activity, nutrition, and overall well-being through teaching, research, practical application, and services in the University community. You’ll receive the most up-to-date and finest education in the field.

We continually collaborate with fellow members in our department and college to ensure our students, faculty, and staff are productive members of a healthy and progressive university. We promote this healthy campus by creating various health-related events such as the Biggest Loser, the Annual Health Fair, and Maintain Don’t Gain.

You’ll find courses that include a wide realm of kinesiology education from physiology, psychology, and ethics to wellness programming, nutrition, and stress management. USciences prepares you to successfully complete national industry certification exams. As active participants in the field, we are excited to apply our experiences, interests, and diverse backgrounds toward adding value to your education.

Our alumni are the healthcare educators and innovators who inspire others to make healthier choices, thus improving the overall quality of lives everywhere. We are confident that we can guide you toward the development of your abilities and help you to achieve your ultimate potential as both a student and an effective future professional.


Karin Richards
Chair, Department of Kinesiology
Samson College of Health Sciences