Services and Capabilities

Industrial Pharmacy Lab

Specializing in comprehensive preclinical development, IPHL supports clients across the entire lifecycle of a drug candidate—from discovery, PK/PD modeling, and analytical support to preformulation and formulation.

We provide all of our services in a GLP-compliant environment.

IPHL also offers several hands-on training and certification courses in several areas of drug development.   

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Analytical method development and validation
      • HPLC, LCMS, ELISA, cell-based biological assays, quality control, stability
  • Full pharmacokinetic profile of new drug candidates
      • ADME studies in several animal species, metabolic profile using metabolomics software
  • Bioavailability and comparator studies
  • Stability studies
  • Preformulation studies
      • Excipient compatibility, API characterization for particle size, morphology and polymorphism, DSC and TGA analysis, temperature and humidity studies, solubility screening, hot-melt feasibility, particle size reduction to micro or nano size, lyophilization cycle development
  • Formulation development
      • Solids dosage forms, dry and wet granulation, fluid bed coating, spray drying, oral, ophthalmic and injectable solutions, lipid based systems, disperse systems, biodegradable microsphere systems
  • Protein formulation analytical support
      • Liquid protein formulations, lyophilized product development, protein stability by RP and SEC HPLC, electrophoresis, circular dichroism, fluorescence spectroscopy, ELISA
  • Bioanalytical support
  • High throughput screening
      • Screening for solubility, stability, and formulation design
  • Animal studies
      • Fully staffed AAALAC-accredited vivarium facility on campus
  • Software driven research and analyses
      • WinNonlin, Analyst for MS analysis, metabolomics software, and a variety of computational chemistry software.


Dr. Pardeep Gupta
Director, Industrial Pharmacy Lab


McNeil Hall, Room 103