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Center for Undergraduate Research

Driven students have extraordinary opportunities to explore their passion for independent discovery and research at the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR).

The CUR connects undergraduates to the faculty mentors, meaningful projects, and funding required to gain a richer understanding of their disciplines beyond the classroom. By honing intensive inquiry-based learning skills, students gain a competitive edge for jobs, fellowships, internships, graduate school—or whatever else comes next.

Engaging Undergraduates in Research

As part of its mission, the CUR prepares and helps USciences undergraduates locate research internships, summer research experiences, and internal and external fellowships by organizing workshops, professional career seminars, and research symposia that promote undergraduate research.

Students can gain valuable research experience over several semesters or years, assisting their faculty mentors with ever-evolving responsibilities. These may include producing posters, communicating results at conferences, and even mentoring more junior students entering the research enterprise.

The Center helps students build well-rounded research portfolios by:   

Nurturing a Culture of Research

USciences’ relatively small size offers substantial advantages for students engaged in projects through the CUR, including: 

  • More individualized attention from faculty mentors, not postdocs or graduate students
  • Partnership-level responsibilities and opportunities to receive co-author credits in publications
  • Hands-on experience with world-class instrumentation—a privilege typically reserved only for graduate students at larger institutions

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