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Remington: The Classic Name in Pharmacy Resources

RemingtonFor more than 100 years, Remington has been the definitive reference for all aspects of the science and practice of pharmacy and is used for pharmaceutics, therapeutics, and pharmacy practice courses in primary curricula. Since the first edition was published, pharmacists have used this book as a comprehensive one-stop reference.

Remington: The Science & Practice of Pharmacy is the most widely used textbook and reference work on pharmaceutical sciences in the nation. Publication of the text was begun as Practice of Pharmacy in 1886 by Joseph Price Remington, professor and later dean at the University. Subsequent to his death, the copyright to this text was assigned to the University by the heirs of Professor Remington.

Remington has provided a comprehensive source of knowledge about the science and practice of pharmacy. The book provides information to help both students and practitioners serve effectively as members of the health professions team. The 22nd edition was published in 2012.

Recent Editions

Remington 23rd Edition coverRemington 23rd Edition

This special bicentennial edition, edited by Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Adeboye Adejare PhD, celebrates 200 years since the founding of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1821. The founding of the college is  regarded as the beginning of pharmacy education and modern pharmacy practice. The text also addresses modern challenges including COVID-19, substance use disorders and medical cannabis. 

This new edition is written collaboratively by USciences faculty and alumni including chapters written by Jason Wallach, PhD; Dan Ventricelli, MPH, PharmD; Andrew Peterson, PharmD, PhD’09; Grace Earl P’86, PharmD’92; Zhiyu Li PhD; Michael Saporito PhD’89 (pharmacology); Islam Ghazi, PharmD; Diana Soloman PharmD’16; Angela Bingham, PharmD; Lisa Davis, PharmD; and Randy Zauhar, MS, PhD.

The Bicentennial edition of Remington can be purchased online or through national bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Remington, 22nd Edition Cover

Remington 22nd edition

The 22nd edition of Remington offers a unique array of content in two volumes, covering pharmaceutical science and pharmaceutical practice. Its value is immense for students and practitioners in all areas of the discipline.

For teaching, Remington covers the entire scope of pharmacy education

  • The history of pharmacy
  • Ethics in pharmacy
  • Particulars of industrial pharmacy and pharmacy practice
  • Use it to inform the development of new research projects and as an entry into new areas of pharmacy

For practice

  • An invaluable resource to verify facts and refresh on basics
  • An authoritative primary source when preparing forensic statements
  • An essential point of reference for drug formulators and research workers

For healthcare

  • A must-have for community pharmacists in retail or hospital environments
  • A reliable source of trusted information for compounding pharmacists
  • A must-have for scientists involved in drug discovery and development

The 22nd edition was jointly published by Pharmaceutical Press and Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences.