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Teaching and Learning Certificate Component of Residencies

The resident is required to participate in a 12-month teaching and learning certificate program (unless such a program has been completed as part of prior training).

The resident participates in mentor-lead discussions in the following areas:

  • Purpose and structure of a teaching portfolio
  • Writing a teaching philosophy statement
  • Educational/ learning theories
  • Objective writing
  • Exam question writing
  • Active learning
  • Team-based learning
  • Classroom technology
  • Course management systems
  • Academic integrity and professionalism
  • ACPE PharmD standards
  • Peer observation of teaching

During the course of the program, the resident participates in the following teaching activities:

  • Completes a teaching philosophy statement and portfolio
  • Teaches at least one didactic lecture (preferably to a large lecture section)
  • Teaches a small group of students in at least one section of a multi-instructor course
  • Serves as a primary preceptor for a P4 PharmD student APPE
  • Gives an ACPE-accredited Continuing Education Program

The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration will award a teaching certificate after completion of the requirements.


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