Message from the Pharmacy Administration Program Director

There is a critical need for professionals with advanced training in pharmacy administration. Along with the escalating importance of health in society, there are increasingly complex interactions among public and private agencies, health insurers, managed care, pharmaceutical companies, providers, and consumers.

Healthcare systems, nationally and globally, are undergoing rapid and significant change, fueled by the interaction of cost effectiveness and emerging biotechnologies. The coming decades will afford pharmacy administration professionals significant opportunities for growth and development.

Through University of the Sciences’ graduate program in pharmacy administration, you will be connected to research, resources, and knowledge that can prepare you for responsible management and leadership positions in research, academia, industry, or public service.

Located in Philadelphia—a region with rich and abundant resources related to teaching and research—USciences is linked with many outside healthcare organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and clinical research organizations, as well as marketing and communications firms. In addition to pharmacy administration courses, you can enroll in other graduate courses in pharmaceutical business, public health, biomedical writing, and health policy. Our experienced faculty have professional links and collaborations with many resources both national and international.

I invite you to become more familiar with our pharmacy administration graduate program—and how we can prepare you for leadership roles that will shape the future of health care.

Cathy Poon, PharmD
Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration


Cathy Poon, PharmD
Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration

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Griffith Hall, Room 108-F


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