Pharmacy Administration, MS - Career Outcomes

The pharmacy administration program advocates the following goals and areas of responsibility as essential components of its mission:

  • Provide high quality education to graduate and postgraduate students.
  • Develop in students a high level of knowledge, research competence, a sense of inquisitiveness, and skills of analysis.
  • Promote and contribute measurably to the advancement of health services research and pharmaceutical care through the conduct and publication of research.
  • Provide resources to improve the educational process and scholarly skills of students and faculty.
  • Enhance the cost-effectiveness of healthcare and pharmaceutical services for the benefit of society.
  • Motivate students for lifelong learning and continuing self-improvement in fulfilling personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Improve the competency of pharmacy and other health care practitioners, researchers, and administrators through continuing education programs.
  • Contribute significantly to the success of the University through participation in its activities
  • Actively participate in professional, scientific, and academic societies.
  • Integrate service, education, and research activities with affiliated institutions and global organizations.
  • Support clinical, social, economic, and administrative activities and advancements that meet the highest standards.

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy Administration

The graduate program in pharmacy administration is designed to prepare you for responsible leadership positions in research, and/or management in health care institutions, academia, industry, or government. This includes careers in:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Managed care organizations
  • Health insurance companies
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Professional societies
  • Government agencies
  • International organizations

Our pharmacy administration program provides you with the training necessary to adapt to the many changes in health care and education that affect the health care system.

The pharmacy administration faculty are renowned globally for their leadership in education, practice, research, and service. It is excellence in these areas that allows the University to maintain its eminent position in pharmacy education and provide our graduates with the abilities to dramatically affect the future of health care.

Pharmacy Administration Career Outlook

The health care system is undergoing rapid and significant change, fueled by the interaction of cost containment and the new biotechnologies. The coming decades will afford pharmacy administration professionals many opportunities for growth and development.

Along with the growing importance of drugs and medicines in society, there are increasingly complex interactions among public and private agencies, health insurers, managed care, pharmaceutical companies, providers, and consumers. The result is a critical need for persons with the advanced training offered by the graduate program in Pharmacy Administration.


Cathy Poon, PharmD
Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration

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