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Pharmacy, PharmD - Learning Labs and Facilities

The state-of-the-art learning labs and facilities available to our pharmacy students prepare them well for the rigors and realities of today’s healthcare environments.

USciences is committed to preparing our graduates for successful careers in pharmacy professions by providing cutting-edge learning labs and facilities that support team-based learning and integrate well with our innovative competency-based curriculum. These environments offer a true reflection of the future of healthcare.

Compounding Laboratory

compounding laboratoryThe compounding laboratory is a multi-purpose facility designed to train students in techniques associated with basic compounding. 

tour the compounding laboratoryStudents in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum utilize the laboratory on multiple occasions throughout their professional curriculum. 


In addition to being the site of training in basic compounding, the laboratory also serves as a staging area for more advanced laboratory courses within the curriculum.

Continuum of Care Simulation Suite

students working with a simulation manikinThe Continuum of Care Simulation Suite (C2S2) is designed to simulate the full range and process of patient care, from community pharmacy to an intensive care unit.  

tour the continuum of care simulation suitePatient care rooms with modular walls can be configured as one to five rooms. All rooms can be recorded for video and audio playback enhancing student learning. This suite has six high fidelity Laerdal manikins, one high fidelity pediatric Laerdal manikin, and cardiac and lung task trainers—providing real-life, hands-on simulations and symptoms to help develop individual decision-making and teamwork skills.

Model Pharmacies

students in the mock community pharmacytour the mock pharmacyA model inpatient pharmacy, and the Rite Aid Community Pharmacy Learning Center are state-of-the art resources. The community pharmacy has a waiting room, and two patient interview rooms.

Pioneer Rx is available to all students for real-world prescription simulation. This leading retail pharmacy computer software system provides features such as patient medication synchronization, identification of risks, and tools to manage the pharmacy workload.

Team-based Learning Room

faculty and students in team-based learning roomTour the team-based learning roomThis large, modular classroom can accommodate up to 200 students, but can also be divided into halves or quadrants for team-based learning exercises.

Its modular walls serve as whiteboards, and projection screens on all four sides provide a 360° learning experience.

Interprofessional Education

exterior of IPEXThese learning labs and facilities are housed on the third floor of the Integrated Professional Education Complex (IPEX). This 57,000-square-foot, three-story building was designed to promote an interprofessional education model, allowing students from several disciplines, including pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant studies, exercise science, psychology, and healthcare business, to study, interact, and learn with and from one another. Hands-on experience with students from other related healthcare disciplines provides a valuable opportunity to fully understand the value of interprofessional activities in everyday practice.


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