Certificates for PharmD Students

Certificate programs allow the student pharmacists to pursue in-depth professional interests during their time in pharmacy school. These graduate and undergraduate certificates can be earned without additional cost or extending the academic program, and are an outstanding way for graduates to distinguish themselves.

Graduate Certificates

Through the Integrated Graduate Credit Program, we offer several graduate certificates that USciences PharmD students can take advantage of, at no extra cost, to enhance their credentials or to begin a graduate degree program.  These certificates provide necessary skills to pursue a unique field within pharmacy or healthcare.. 

Biostatistical Methods with SAS Programming Certificate

Pharmacy graduates have many opportunities in pharmaceutical research, and the ability to understand and use statistical applications is critical. As part of the Biostatistical Methods with SAS Programming Certificate, students can take specialized classes in statistics for clinical trials and survival analysis. 

Health Education and Communication Certificate

Optimizing communication with patients and other healthcare providers is an essential skill for pharmacists. This certificate program addresses multiple competencies and skills in health education and communication. 

Business-related Certificates

Whether you plan on working in a pharmaceutical company, owning your own pharmacy or other business, or improving your management skills, a graduate certificate from the Department of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business can significantly enhance your marketability. There are three separate certificates available, allowing you to personalize your education.

  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing, Pharmaceutical

Program Requirements

There is no additional tuition cost to enroll in graduate certificate programs, and tuition for courses, including summer options, is waived.  Certain qualifications may apply and the student must be accepted into the program.  Each graduate certificate includes an array of core and elective course offerings that complement the PharmD program. 

Successful completion of the requirements for the graduate certificate program will be noted on the student’s official transcript and the official certificate will be presented to the student.

Application Process

Students may apply for a graduate certificate during their first or second professional year of the PharmD program.  Students should connect with their faculty mentor, and visit the Office of Graduate Education to discuss the application process and policies of the program.  An application needs to be completed, as well as signatures of approval and letters of recommendation. 

Undergraduate Certificates

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate

The Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate prepares student pharmacists to engage in culturally sensitive, knowledgeable Spanish communication with their patients. The interprofessional nature of the program allows student pharmacists to engage with learners from other health professions at the University.


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