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Pharmacology and Toxicology, MS, PhD - Career Outcomes

University of the Sciences offers graduate programs that lead to the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degrees with specialization in pharmacology and toxicology. You will prepare for a professional career as a pharmacologist or toxicologist in academia, private industry, or public service. Our educational emphasis is placed on integrating theory with experiment through advanced coursework and independent, faculty-supervised laboratory research.

Pharmacology Career Outlook

Pharmacology is an important basic science discipline in health professions such as medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. Pharmacologists are scientists who study the actions of drugs on biological systems. They work in universities, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, hospitals, and other places where medicinal substances are being discovered, investigated, developed, and used to treat illness. Pharmacologists learn how drugs modify living organisms by studying and measuring drug actions at molecular, biochemical, cellular, and physiological levels.

Visit the website of The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics to find descriptions of diverse career opportunities for pharmacologists.

Toxicology Career Outlook

Toxicology is a field of scientific study concerned with the adverse effects of chemical substances on living systems. Toxicologists employ our expanding knowledge of pharmacology and other biological and chemical sciences to explain and predict the nature and extent of harmful effects of chemicals on living systems.

Numerous career options for toxicologists exist in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and environmentally related industries, in teaching and research, and in governmental regulation of chemical usage. Visit the website of The Society of Toxicology to find detailed information on careers in toxicology.

Career Outcomes of Our Graduates

We are proud of that graduates from our programs over the past 5 years have 100% job placement. A majority of our graduates have launched their professional careers at pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Johnson & Johnson. The remaining of our graduates have begun their academic careers as junior faculties at universities or continued post-doctoral training at academia.


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