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Pharmacology and Toxicology Major - Career Outcomes

Fascinating opportunities abound for influencing the future of medicine and applying your investigative mind. Careers in this field often involve investigating solutions for health and safety on a mass scale: in the environment, in drugs and medications, and in quality control—either in the research lab, in hospitals, or for government employers. While the majority of graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees, you have options to go directly into the field.

Reap the Full Range of Rewards

Scientists in toxicology earn a median annual wage close to $80,000, according to the American Chemical Society. Demand for their skills is high, because toxicology testing remains a regulatory requirement for all new products. Hospitals and medical centers, where both healing and harmful chemicals meet, present job opportunities for pharmacology and toxicology majors.

Concern over incidences of water safety and chemical spills, as well as new findings on the presence of drugs in the environment have made environmental testing another career direction for toxicologists.

A pharmacology and toxicology major also positions you to pursue research, development, and regulation of powerful, cutting-edge treatments that are lifesaving.

In addition, the discipline intersects with growing practices in business, manufacturing, and law. Trained scientists are critical to drug safety and compliance, determining the safety of new products and processes, and analyzing regulations.

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To learn more about the pharmacology and toxicology major, contact Zhiyu Li, PhD, at 267-295-3105 or You can also get information and assistance from the USciences Office of Career Services at 215-596-8735.


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