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Pharmaceutics, MS, PhD - Career Outcomes

Study the drug as a physicochemical entity to learn the best way to deliver it safely and intact to where it acts in the human body for the most effective treatment of diseases and conditions. Innovation and collaboration lead to cutting-edge research toward the discovery of the next exciting approach to drug therapy. This is the world available to you with a graduate degree in pharmaceutics.

Diverse Directions in Rewarding Fields

Whether you dream of launching your own venture, improving research approaches or production technology, or discovering new approaches to improve drug stability and administration, a graduate degree in pharmaceutics can give you access to an in-demand and profoundly relevant career.

Research and development is the more popular career option, where scientists design and conduct experiments, plan clinical trials, assess the data, and then plan the next steps to eventually present a drug product for approval by regulatory agencies. As with any graduate degree, academia is an option, where independent-minded specialists pursue advances in drug delivery and formulations while teaching and inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Outside of academia, your choices go beyond the bench, the classroom and the laboratory. Regulatory affairs, for instance, remains a growing field, where professionals manage the interactions between pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies  in areas such as chemistry, manufacturing, and controls.

Salaries are as varied as your choices, but many are on the higher end of the pay scale—due to the demand for a great depth and breadth of education and experience. If you take your pharmaceutics degree to the lab, you'll join a field the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects to grow by 13% by 2022. The BLS reports average annual earnings of more than $100,000 for pharmaceutical manufacturing careers.

Wherever your pharmaceutics degree takes you, the quality of your education will provide you the springboard toward your career goals.

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