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Learning Labs and Facilities - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The state-of-the-art learning labs and facilities available to our pharmaceutical science and pharmacology and toxicology students prepare them well for exciting careers in pharmaceutical and related environments.

USciences is committed to preparing our graduates for successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry or advanced study by providing modern, cutting-edge learning labs and facilities. 

Compounding Laboratory

compounding laboratory

tour the compounding laboratoryStudents in the Pharmaceutical Sciences BS program utilize the compounding laboratory as the site of most laboratory training in the professional years of their program.

Laboratory courses associated with basic compounding, methods of research and product analysis, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cosmetics science are held in the compounding laboratory.

The laboratory also functions as a basic lecture room for many courses associated with the curriculum.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

tissue culture laboratoryThe tissue culture lab is used for both research projects and courses where students learn the important skills of aseptic/sterile handling and culturing of animal tissue and cells.

The facility is furnished with six large laminar flow hoods and two fully equipped CO2 incubators. The lab contains three inverted microscopes, as well as a state-of-the-art florescence microscope. There are also three bench top centrifuges, a flow cytometer and two liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

Pharmacology Laboratory

pharmacology laboratory

The pharmacology lab is used for both courses and research projects.

The pharmacology lab contains state of the art equipment for pharmacology research. This includes four analytical balances, four microscopes, a real-time PCR for nucleic acid amplification and quantification,a multipurpose  plate reader, a imaging station, a fully automated flash chromatography system, a laboratory fume hood, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, incubators, rockers, shakers and more.

The lab is fitted with multiple screens and projectors to maximize the learning experience.

Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory

student working in iphlThe Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory (IPHL) is a full-scale, GLP-compliant pharmaceutical research facility serving the drug delivery research needs of the current drug pipeline, including small molecules and proteins. The laboratory is fully equipped to support analysis, preformulation, and formulation research.  IPHL scientists collaborate to overcome formulation and manufacturing challenges, streamline processes to increase cost-effectiveness, and develop product specific analytical methods for an array of different clients.  For more information, see the IPHL website.


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