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Explorers and Scholars Program

The USciences Explorers and Scholars in Science Program allows highly qualified first year students to gain valuable research skills and apply theoretical principles learned in class to practical problems in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology/toxicology.

Selected students conduct eight weeks (224 hours) of full time research with a faculty mentor* during the summer following their first undergraduate year at USciences.  The program includes a stipend award of $2,240. At the end of the research experience, scholars will present their research findings to faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergraduate researchers at a summer research symposium.

Eligibility and Application

Based on outstanding academic achievement in high school, first-year students admitted into the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology and toxicology programs will be automatically evaluated for the program.  A letter of invitation will be included in acceptance materials. Participation is voluntary and you need not make a final decision until October of your first year.

Candidates for the program will have high SAT/ACT scores and an excellent academic record in high school. All participants will be expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 during their first academic year.

*Faculty Mentors

Faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences conduct research in a wide range of  specialties. While research with a specific faculty member is contingent upon availability of space within that laboratory, below is information about our faculty and their research interests.

Faculty Member Research Area
Adeboye Adejare, PhD Medicinal chemistry, drugs to treat neurodegeneration
Bin Chen, PhD Cancer research, photo dynamic therapy
Anil D'mello, PhD Pharmacokinetics, microencapsulation of enzymes for the treatment of inborn errors or metabolism
Pardeep Gupta, PhD Pharmaceutics, nanoparticle-based protein delivery system
Peter J. Harvison, PhD Toxicology, drug metabolism of compounds with cyclic imide rings
Jean-Francois Jasmin, PhD Cancer research, biomarkers for cancer therapy and diagnosis
Kamal Jonnalagadda, PhD Pharmaceutics, biodegradable polymers for drug delivery and tissue engineering
Ra'ed S. A. Khashan, PhD Computational Chemistry, computer-aided drug design
Zhiyu Li, PhD Cancer research, engineered biotherapeutic proteins for targeted drug delivery
Isabelle Mercier, PhD Cancer research, therapies for hormone refractory tumors
Clyde M. Ofner, PhD Pharmaceutics, formulation and delivery of anticancer therapeutics
Asha Suryanarayanan, PhD Neuroscience, function of alcohol-induced ion channel on animal behavior
Ruy Tchao, PhD Cancer Research, cancer cell motility and invasion
Shanaz Tejani-Butt, PhD Neuroscience, neuropsychopharmacology of depressive illness
Jason Wallach, PhD Medicinal chemistry, neurotransmitter analogues to treat substance disorders



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Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


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