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MBA Capstone Project Topics

All Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business MBA students complete an individual capstone project that demonstrates critical thinking, problem solving, and communications skills. The topics exhibits the student’s ability to integrate knowledge in finance, marketing and management. Each MBA student work with a faculty advisor for this project.

Some selected recent capstone topics have included:


  • A Medical Device Company’s Choice to Phase Out or Sell Now
  • Outsourcing Manufacturing of Generic Injectables to India: Is It A Feasible Option?


  • The Impact of GlaxoSmithKline’s Asset Swap with Novartis on GSK’s Financial Performance
  • XYZ Pharmaceuticals, LLC: A business plan for a Texas Based Pharmaceutical Start-up
  • Evaluating the Feasibility of an Online Telemedicine Consultation Program Genetically Modified Mosquitoes versus Artemesinin-based combination therapy (ACTs)-Which is the better choice?
  • Pharmaceutical Investments: Analysis of the effect of R&D compared to marketing investment


  • Analysis of How Virtual Health Assistant Technology Can Be Leveraged by Stakeholders to Improve Health Outcomes Specifically Medication Adherence
  • The Impact of Inventory Management on the Financial Performance of Global Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Key Financial Ratios for Market Success in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Analysis of Closed Pharmacy Networks in Relation to Independent Pharmacies
  • Relationship Between Leading Risk Indicators and Success of a Start-Up Biotechnology Company
  • Strategic Outsourcing of Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Drug Products


  • Implementation of FDAASIA and the Impact on US Drug Supply Chain Security
  • Pricing Strategies for Rare Diseases
  • Merger and Acquisition Effect on Financial Value:  A Sample Study


  • Leneo Pharmaceuticals, Inc: A Business Plan for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) In the United States: Why Formal Ties between CER and Reimbursement Decisions Will Improve Health Outcomes and Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Milking a Cash Cow:  The Implication of Pediatric Exclusivity as Outlined in the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers:  The Value of a Transparent Business Model


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