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Online Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

Our 12-credit online certificate program prepares healthcare practitioners and IT professionals to understand how informatics functions in healthcare, which policies shape health information technology, and how systems drive healthcare dataset management.

This fully online program fits a working professional’s schedule, with an asynchronous course structure offered sequentially over two semesters, with each course lasting eight weeks.  Courses cost $1,000 per credit.

The sequence of courses allows you to take advantage of employer reimbursement or remission, when available.   By completing two courses in the Fall semester, and two courses in the Spring semester, the full cost of the program may be covered.  You should verify all tuition benefits through your employer.

Taught by faculty who have wide-ranging experience outside the classroom, our program prepares professionals for careers in:

  • Healthcare practice, research, and education
  • Application design and development
  • Data science
  • Public policy
  • Public health

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. This is a fully online program that can be completed in as few as two semesters.
  2. Students will develop high-level insight into strategic direction and planning for health informatics.
  3. Our blend of theory and practice gives you a knowledge base that you can apply to a variety of scenarios—creating value for any organization.
  4. Our faculty members are practitioners in the field who apply their knowledge to their teaching.


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