Dean’s Message - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

It’s no exaggeration to say Philadelphia College of Pharmacy paved the way for pharmaceutical education. As the first pharmacy program in North America, ours remains one of the biggest and best regarded. True, you have more pharmacy schools to choose from today than ever before, but none have the pedigree and earned confidence that comes with nearly 200 years of experience.

You won’t catch us taking any of these distinctions for granted. In fact, we regularly revisit our curricula and coursework to make sure they align with healthcare industry needs and offer you the most relevant training. We continue to blaze trails for the profession—changing the model in pharmacy practice.

An integral component of our pharmacy curriculum centers on experiential education. During the first three years of the professional curriculum, you complete Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Combining coursework with hands-on learning, IPPEs and APPEs introduce you to the patient care environment in community, hospital, acute care and a whole host of settings. The depth and breadth of our experiential program is unmatched.

Our co-curricular Student Excellence and Professional Preparation Program (StEPP) also sets us apart from other schools. The pillars of StEPP—leadership, professionalism, community service, and career development—have changed the very approach to how we teach pharmacy. In addition, our PCP Student Council enjoys direct communication with college deans, bringing its voice to such important issues as career and financial aid services, campus safety and student engagement issues, exam structures, and course offerings, to name a few.

Of course, some things about PCP will never change. You have your choice to pursue an area of interest by taking professional elective coursework in specialized areas within the broader field of pharmacy. Your inter-professional and experiential learning experiences at PCP prepare you to be most effective for your patients and to become a leader in your profession.

Even better, your PCP experience follows you well beyond campus. I am especially proud of PCP’s extensive alumni network. Upon graduation, our alumni follow many different paths that take them all over the world. But they never fail to return to mentor and help the next generation of PCP graduates.

Will you be among them? I encourage you to take a moment to learn more about us. I’m confident you will like what you see.


Dr. Lisa A. Lawson
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy