Philadelphia City Council Honors Pharmacy Students for Naloxone Outreach | University of the Sciences | Philadelphia, PA
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Naloxone outreach effortsUSciences students were honored by Philadelphia City Council on Thursday for their outreach effort to educate Philadelphia pharmacists about the state of Pennsylvania’s standing order to prescribe naloxone, even to those without a prescription. 

Councilman David Oh presented the resolution, which was passed at this week’s meeting, thanking the students for their leadership on this important issue.

“The Vision, Leadership, and Commitment of these students is an inspiration to all, and will undoubtedly result in saved lives in Philadelphia,” the resolution reads.

The resolution specifically thanks the students of the Generation Rx Student Chapter at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy who have been leading the efforts. They include Sonia Jacob PharmD'20, chair of the chapter and co-chairs Sidra Kazmi PharmD'19, Arun Nair PharmD'19, Maitri Patel PharmD'18, and Toobah Wali PharmD'20.

The students along with their advisors, Dr. George Downs and Dr. Dan Ventricelli, partnered with Prevention Point Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Department of Health to develop and implement the strategy for reaching pharmacists serving the areas of Philadelphia with the highest rates of overdose deaths, but the lowest rates of Naloxone availability.

Read more about the students’ efforts and hear a story featuring their work from WHYY.