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USciences Online Launches Epidemiology Course

Published on August 5, 2021

Health AdministrationCOVID-19 has brought a new focus on public health and the field of epidemiology as a whole. This same focus is offered to future healthcare leaders in USciences Online’s newly developed course “Managerial Epidemiology and Population Health for Healthcare Organizations. 

This three-credit course offers students in the Health Administration program an insight into the basics of epidemiology, strategies for data analysis and a chance to apply epidemiology in planning, evaluation and management for all healthcare populations. 

Throughout the course, students learn to describe the basic principles of epidemiology, explain methods used in identification of reportable diseases, discuss the importance of surveillance in monitoring public health, and the avenues in which health and disease are measured through morbidity and mortality. They’ll also apply research principles to chronic and infectious disease management in a variety of healthcare settings.

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