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USciences MBA Program Leads Alumna to Personal and Professional Success

By Nicole Carrera

Published on March 29, 2021

When looking to pursue her masters in business for the pharmaceutical industry, Jordyn Steinheiser MBA’19 was interested in USciences’ reputation of excellence in the field of pharmaceuticals.

"I know this degree put me above other candidates"

-- Jordyn Steinheiser MBA'19

“Not only did the USciences pharmaceutical & healthcare business MBA program give me all of the necessary knowledge in business and pharmaceuticals, but also the school and program are so well known within the industry,” shared Steinheiser. “I know this degree put me above other candidates in many instances, even before completing the program.”

Currently working as the senior project manager and Chief of Staff for STI Pharma, Steinheiser was able to jump start her career by choosing to complete most of her graduate degree online. In addition, she participated in two, week-long, in-person courses which created long lasting personal and professional connections. 

“I would describe my experience at USciences as very enriching,” shared Steinheiser. “A year and a half after graduation, I am still in touch with many of [my classmates] and have been able to keep friendships and professional relationships with many of them as we move through our careers.”

Education wasn’t always something that came naturally to Steinheiser. It wasn’t until enrolling in her graduate program did she find her niche. 

“I was convinced I was just the type of person who would never enjoy school. It wasn’t until going through this program that I realized I just hadn't found my interests,” shared Steinheiser. “I now know that I love learning when it is from and with great people, and within an interesting and important subject.”

Steinheiser credits F. Greg Lucado, MBS, MS, associate professor of pharmaceutical & healthcare business, for having the biggest impact on her during her time at USciences. Steinheiser explained, “Professor Lucado wants nothing more than success for all of his students, and that was evident to me when I was learning from him and working with him on my capstone project.”Fall 2017 Team Building class

She also noted that the two in-person courses she completed gave her the chance to hone specific skills within business and pharmaceuticals. 

“The Team Building and Leadership courses within the program greatly impacted me,” she said. “I hope to pursue leadership opportunities as I move forward in my career, and these gave me the knowledge and skills to do so.”

In the future, Steinheiser hopes to be working in upper management within the commercial pharmaceutical industry. She values providing patients with the proper information and adequate access to life-saving medications. 

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