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USciences Honors The Bicentennial Class at 200th Commencement Ceremony

By Nicole Carrera

Published on May 26, 2021

More than 400 students were honored at USciences Bicentennial Commencement Ceremony, held virtually on May 26, 2021. 

Bernard HarrisSpeaker Bernard A. Harris Jr., MD, was also honored, receiving an honorary doctor of science degree. Dr. Harris is a physician and astronaut who has logged over 400 hours in space. He was the first African American to walk in space, and now serves as Chief Executive Officer of the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI). 

Dr. Harris shared words of wisdom and encouragement with the graduating class. He reflected on his life of firsts, and USciences legacy of firsts. His advice was that of adaptability and growth, especially as science and healthcare professionals.

“As CEO of the National Math and Science Initiative, I am responsible for ensuring that this nation’s students are prepared for the job of the 21st century. Just as I believe that USciences has prepared you for that future,” Dr. Harris shared with graduates. “I want to wish you the very best for your future- that future is entirely in your hands.”

Class of 2021 Valedictorian Julie Nguyen BC’21, addressed her fellow graduates, emphasizing the efforts that each student put in to reach where they are today despite personal and global obstacles. 

Julie Nguyen BC'21“As the main characters of our own stories, we are continually being shaped by our experiences, our professors, and our peers.” Nguyen explained “Our countless efforts have culminated in our successes, and the support we have given each other and received from those around us is astronomical.”

Nguyen continued “I look at our graduating class, and I am amazed by the things we have accomplished. I see the brightest, most brilliant people in the world. I see friends who will last me a lifetime.”

Madhu Mahalingam, PhD, was honored with the Phyllis Blumberg learning-Centered Teaching Award, which is awarded from student nominations. 

Meet the class of 2021:
Misher College of Arts and Sciences: Julie Nguyen BC’21
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Conor Glass PHTX'21
Samson College of Health Sciences: Casey McCarthy DPT'21 

Class of 2021 Commencement Snapshot:

  • Total graduates: 552
  • Total Degrees: 555
    • Bachelor Degrees: 277
    • Professional Degrees: 228
    • Master Degrees: 33
    • Doctor of Philosophy: 17
  • Age of youngest graduate: 21
  • Age of oldest graduate: 53
  • Number of states represented by graduates: 23
  • Number of countries represented by graduates (other than USA): 12

Breakdown of Degrees:

  • BS: 222
  • BSHS: 55
  • MOT: 38
  • DPT: 73
  • DrOT: 7
  • PharmD: 110
  • MBA: 16
  • MS: 17
  • PhD: 17

Graduates by College:

Misher College of Arts and Sciences: 121
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: 254
Samson College of Health Sciences: 177

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