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TEDxUSciences Lights a ‘Spark’ with Virtual Event

Published on March 18, 2021

For the second year in a row, TEDxUSciences provided a stage for our own faculty, staff, students, and community members to share ideas. This year’s virtual event was built around the core theme ‘spark’, with the purpose of showcasing each speaker’s unique experiences, or spark, in hopes they can start the fire of inspiration in others. 

At the beginning of the event, host David Tomlinson, Neuro’22, prompted attendees to share a word that they felt exemplified the theme of spark. Each word was then displayed on the screen for everyone’s ideas to be shared. TEDxUSciences

The event’s speakers were Chloe Georges PharmD’23, Patrick Pham DPT, Beatrice “Miss Betty” Bolger, USciences library coordinator, and Kelsey Stuttgen-Finn PhD.

Each speaker shared their own experience facing adversity and navigating through life in a world that, at times, seemed stacked against them. Each speaker had first-hand experience conquering bullying and discrimination, and they shared their stories in hopes to not only inspire others who may be dealing with similar issues, but also to bring these issues to light in relation to current events. 

After the speakers, attendees were split into breakout rooms for discussion with presenters, and a space to share their own ideas and experiences.

TEDxUSciences is entirely organized by a group of USciences students who are passionate about providing a platform for collaboration and sharing of ideas. A full list of this year’s event organizers can be found here.

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