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Study: 72% of USciences Alumni Say Their Work Makes the World a Better Place

Published on November 29, 2021

A recent study published by Payscale and featured in The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that 72% of USciences alumni feel that their work makes the world a better place. This has been demonstrated throughout history, and especially in the last year as alumni from a variety of disciplines impacted their communities on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Payscale chart

“I have always wanted to do something in my life where I had the opportunity to serve others but also incorporate different elements of creativity,” said Mayank Amin PharmD’09 in a statement to The Philadelphia Business Journal

Owner of Skippack Pharmacy, Dr. Amin is a well known personality in his community. He and his team have been nationally recognized for their work going above and beyond to vaccinate their community against COVID-19. Dr. Amin’s outgoing personality and a superman costume made him a recognizable figure in the region as he made house calls and helped to vaccinate teens and children. 

The study also found that USciences graduates earn, on average, over $63,000 per year in their first five years of their career. This is in the top 80 schools nationally and fourth in the region  in the 2021-22 Payscale ranking. This increases over time to an average salary of nearly $130,000 per year for alumni who have been in their field for a decade or more. 

Payscale Chart

But the passion to make a difference in the world drives alumni to continue pursuing their careers after they graduate. 

Brittany Smith MOT’12 and Janki Patel MOT’12 put their interest in helping children into action by opening Jump Ahead Pediatrics, offering pediatric sessions and working with insurance companies to make proper care affordable. 

“By being in-network, families who may not have been able to afford speech or occupational therapy for their child can now make sure they are getting the support they need,” said Smith. “Positive feedback and great outcomes help keep us driven to expand our business and help other families.”

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