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Students Honored at 9th Annual Bachelor’s Degree Conferment Ceremony

By Nicole Carrera

Published on May 21, 2021

Nearly 136 students were honored at the 9th annual Bachelor’s Degree Conferment Ceremony, held virtually on Friday, May 21, 2021. 

This ceremony recognizes students in the University’s Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs who have earned enough credits to receive a Bachelor of Science degree. These students will then return to campus to complete their doctoral degrees. 

James M. Hoffman P'00, PharmD'01, addressed the students and shared about his experience at USciences and beyond. Currently working as the Chief Patient Safety Officer and a member of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Dr. Hoffman offered words of wisdom to students as they begin the next chapter of their education. 

“Use this time to reflect and express gratitude, but also as a chance to think ahead,” Dr. Hoffman shared. “You are headed on an exciting journey to help people in tangible ways. Embrace this purpose and grow it to meet your strengths.”

2021 Bachelor's Degree Conferment Ceremony

Diana Walczyk PharmD’23 addressed students with a personal story, sharing that the health of her family continues to keep her motivated on her path to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy. 

“...All I could think about was how inspired and fortunate I felt to counsel my favorite patients, my family, about medications I had just recently learned about,” Walczyk explained. “The pandemic has allowed each of our fields to establish themselves as a vital force in any different avenues of healthcare, and I am excited to continue on this professional journey with all of you.”

On behalf of the Samson College of Health Sciences, Lucas Burkhardt DPT’23 addressed the crowd. Burkhardt’s light-hearted speech was inspiring, and reminded his peers that it’s important to make time for fun in the midst of hard work and the challenges of life. 

“Try new things, step outside of your comfort zone, get a little weird. It might take you off that straight-line path that you think you need to stay one. However, I can assure you this, it sure is a whole lot more fun that way. It also tends to be more rewarding and educational too.” Burkhardt shared.

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