Student Org Spotlight: USciences Pre-Medical Society

Published on September 30, 2021

Students at USciences who are interested in going to medical school can check out the Pre-Medical Society to find others in the same position. Pre-medical Society President Jelsia Cottone BMS’23 talked more about the organization. 

Describe Pre-Med Society- what is the purpose or mission? 
The purpose of pre-medical society is to provide students with opportunities and resources to prepare for medical school. 

Why should people join?
This organization is a way to get involved at school, make friends, and get an understanding of what life as a pre-med student might be like. 

Why did you join Pre-Med Society?
I joined this organization to get an idea of what medical schools are looking for in an applicant, to learn about volunteer and research opportunities in the area, and to meet people who have similar goals and aspirations for the future. 

What are Pre-Med Society members like? 
Our members are super friendly and accepting of others! We look for members who may be considering a pre-med track. 

What kind of events do you participate in throughout the year?
We hold informational meetings where medical schools come to talk to our students, but my personal favorite are the simulations we do with U.S. Army Recruiters, such as an IV Clinic. 

Connect with USciences Pre-Medical Society on Instagram @usciencespremed

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