Student Org Spotlight: Pilipino Cultural Association

Published on October 26, 2021

The Pilipino Cultural Association (PCA) at USciences offers a space for Filipino students to connect. PCA President Myles Pacla, PharmD’25, shared more about the organization.

PCA at USciences

Describe PCA- what is the mission or purpose?
PCA allows students to get involved with other cultural organizations and other schools to strengthen lies. It offers support for Filipinos in and out of the USciences community on a cultural, social, and political level. 

Why should people join?
People should consider joining this org not only to learn more about the Filipino culture, but to connect with others within the community. In addition, there is always free food and gifts given at events! 

Why did you join PCA?
I joined to connect with my culture more and educate myself further. I like the welcoming and inclusive community that is projected not only on campus but outside of it as well. 

What are PCA members like?
Our members are charismatic, loud, and welcoming overall. PCA looks for individuals that are willing to learn and absorb the Filipino culture. We are always willing to invite new members!

What events do you participate in throughout the year?
Typically, PCA participates in various events on and off campus. On campus events include the Org Fair, S.O.U.L Art, Barrio Production, and collaborative events with other organizations. Off campus events include District 5 and FIND events such as D5 Pageant, ADOBOWL, and KAMAYAN. 

Connect with PCA via email at or on Instagram @usciencespca

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