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Student Org Spotlight: Culture Shock

Published on September 8, 2021

Culture Shock

Culture Shock at USciences is a multicultural dance organization that infuses afro-Caribbean dances with modern-day trends. Club President Michaela Miller HS’22 shared more about Culture Shock. 

Describe Culture Shock- what is the purpose or mission?
Our mission is to provide a voice to African and Caribbean students at University of the Sciences. We raise awareness and educate others on controversial issues affecting African, the Caribbean, and other countries. We also aim to increase the knowledge of African and Caribbean culture through modern and cultural dances and other traditions on campus. 

Ultimately, we would like to unify all cultures including African and/or Caribbean students throughout University City campuses through engaging, electrifying, and exceptional entertainment. 

Why should people join?
People should join our org because we strive to include everyone and make sure everyone feels welcome. We know that this school is difficult and we want to help relieve some of the stress with our dancing. Plus, having fun and eating good food is a requirement when you join Culture Shock!

Culture Shock

What do you like most about Culture Shock?
My favorite thing about Culture Shock is the family we created and the art we create that reflects our true selves. 

I felt at home the minute I stepped into the general body meeting. Everyone was so welcoming and I found people who were having the same experience as me. They understood the struggle of being a first-generation American. Plus, I could stay connected to my culture with dance, despite being so far from home. Being a part of this org has made me happier and I have developed lifelong friendships. 

What are Culture Shock members like?
Our members are kind and helpful. We look for people who can work well in a team. Members should be open to trying new things and learning about new cultures. 

What kind of events do you participate in throughout the year?
Culture Shock participates in live dance performances at USciences events, as well as events at University of Pennsylvania. Members also work closely with other campus organizations to collaborate on events and volunteer opportunities. 

Connect with Culture Shock via email at or on Instagram @cultureshock.usci

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