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Student Org Spotlight: Art Club

Published on August 31, 2021

Art Club

The art club at USciences is a place for students to express their creativity. Art Club President Sadhana Sankar DPT’24, shared more about this organization.  

Describe Art Club- what is the purpose or mission?
Art Club strives to allow people to pursue their creative interests and follow their artistic passions as a mental break from their academics. 

Why should people join?
Creativity and art are significant factors in any profession, and taking the time to sharpen these skills ans discover new, exciting hobbies is beneficial for everyone. Art Club is a safe space where taking steps to step out of your comfort zone is highly encouraged.

What do you like most about Art Club?
I initially joined because I wanted to rekindle my love for art. After starting college and seeing the academic pressure that my peers and I would undergo during our time here, I knew I needed a creative outlet that would give me the time and space I needed to explore the world of art.

Art is constant, taking many forms in every aspect of life, and this club serves as as reminder of that. 

What are Art Club members like?
Our members are any students who are willing to learn about art from a different perspective than they might be used to, and anyone who wants to create art!

What kind of events do you participate in throughout the year?
We have held events such as paint nights, Easter egg decorating, and collaborations with other clubs such as Women in Sciences and more. We plan to hold more in-person events this year where our members can interact with one another and share their art. 

Connect with Art Club via email at or on Instagram @uscinecesartclub

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