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Q&A With USciences Online Health Administration Faculty

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on August 12, 2021

AloiWith more than 20 years’ experience in corporate healthcare environments, Susan Aloi, PhD, shares her expertise with students in USciences Online’s Health Administration program. Dr. Aloi teaches health information systems, financial management, healthcare marketing and strategic planning as well as introduction to US healthcare systems.

As she teaches and engages with the students, Dr. Aloi helps to bring real world experiences into the classroom and shares her successes and professional missteps from her career to help link the concepts learned in the coursework with day-to-day experiences in the workplace.

What sparks your passion for health administration? It is about being able to influence healthcare in a different way. I feel like I can make a difference working with existing and future healthcare leaders that are going to impact our healthcare systems. Our leadership actions impact the bottom line, financial performance, quality of care, and patient outcomes.

What makes this program unique? I believe what makes USciences Online unique is the extraordinarily high caliber faculty. The faculty are well qualified, have a deep bench of experience, and bring such different perspectives to the programs.

What are some benefits of taking classes online? Our students can work, spend time with their families and commit to other obligations. They have the flexibility to manage their time and their studies. Being able to focus on completing their degree online gives them the unique opportunity to continue working professionally and enjoy personal activities. Students can still do it all. 

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