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Q&A with Health Administration Faculty for USciences Online

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on October 4, 2021

Natasha Webster PhD, MSHSA, MHA, CAGS, faculty in USciences Online’s Health Administration program is an army brat who credits her frequent moves with giving her a better understanding of diverse communities, people, and cultures. When she set foot on a college campus -- it felt like home. And today she applies her experience and love for teaching health delivery administration and understanding health information systems in the program.  

Why do you enjoy teaching?
Teaching allows me the opportunity to share my love for education with my students. My students display a level of maturity and dedication to serving in industry which I find appealing. I am grateful to provide guidance and support as they move forward in their academic journey.

What makes you passionate about health administration?
My passion for health administration stems from a firm understanding of the vital role the healthcare system plays in our overall wellness. One thing we have learned during the current pandemic is significance in access to preventative care/public health and chronic care management. Health administration houses all the intricate wires that hold the system together to ensure consumes have access to the care and services they need.

Why should students be interested in health administration at USciences Online?
My former students often share their success in finding careers in fields they wouldn’t have otherwise considered before coming to USciences. We as faculty often share with students’ new creative ideas for seeking out new job opportunities, and I think we go beyond just providing assignments and general discussions in our class. My mission is to help students build their professional profiles for life beyond the degree. Although it is an online program there is a compassion and commitment to student learning and it is shown throughout our administration.

What are some benefits of taking classes online?
Online education allows each student a unique opportunity to work with people from anywhere in the world. Our real education comes from learning and sharing our experiences to build stronger more meaningful connections.  My hope is that students will look at the various options that they have and see the quality of our programs. Our students are doing wonderful things when they graduate, such as working with the government, public health, research labs, local clinics, and major hospitals. I urge students to look at the quality and success of our alumni, to see how they can benefit from a program that provides a quality education.

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