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Cultural Connections Beyond the Classroom

By Nicole Carrera

Published on February 4, 2021

USciences has a number of different clubs and organizations on campus, each one helping  to make up a vibrant student body. Each group highlights a unique facet of our diverse campus community and allows students to share aspects of their experience with classmates and friends. The following are just a few examples of the wealth of different options. Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a multicultural dance organization that infuses afro-Caribbean dances with modern-day trends. The group is open to everyone, and most members are female, first-generation Americans. “We hope to enrich the lives of the students at USciences through various cultural events” shares Culture Shock Vice President Chinne Exeigwe DPT’24. Culture Shock hosts many events and performances and often participates in volunteer opportunities to help local Philadelphians. International Society

The International Society’s mission is to recognize and unite the many diverse ethnic and cultural populations at USciences. They have hosted many University-wide events, often in collaboration with other campus organizations, which help expose the campus community to aspects of many different cultures. “As an organization, we hope that students gain the knowledge to become global leaders and to be accepting and welcoming of global cultures, and to learn to celebrate everyone’s differences.” Shares International Society President Abdallah Elbready DPT’24.

Women in Science is an organization that advocates for women in STEM fields and opens doors to many resources and opportunities. The group is open to any student, regardless of gender identity, who is passionate about the cause and interested in supporting the community through volunteering and events. “Students should join this organization to gain valuable opportunities, resources, skills, and have fun with a diverse group of people!” shares Aditi Basu BMS’22, President of Women in Science. Black Student Union (BSU)

Black Student Union (BSU) is a social organization that aims to promote a positive attitude towards black and African-American culture through outreach and community. The BSU’s motto is “Unifying people of all skin tones through Black culture”, and they strive to abide by that motto and make everyone feel welcome. BSU hosts various campus events, such as its annual fashion show, and works in collaboration with other student organizations to create events that are engaging to many student populations. BSU is open to all students interested in joining, and they celebrate diversity in their membership. “We are here to promote a safe space for all students and we are here for anyone seeking to vent.” shares BSU board member Josie Berry PharmD’24. “We want people to not only feel included but to know that there’s always a spot for them at Black Student Union, regardless if you are a POC (person of color) or not.” 

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