Alumna Chooses USciences Online Graduate Certificate to Jumpstart Change in Career Path

By Nicole Carrera

Published on November 11, 2021

Molly Burnett PharmD'17When looking for a change, Molly Burnett’s PharmD’17  interest in medical cannabis developed. Dr. Burnett, an alumna of the USciences PharmD program, had been working in a retail pharmacy when she sought new opportunities in the emerging field of medical cannabis. 

“I applied to various dispensaries and was hoping for a part time position,” Dr. Burnett said. “During the interview process I realized I needed more education to enhance my knowledge base and gain confidence in my ability to help patients.”

She chose USciences Online’s Graduate Certificate in Medical Cannabis for Health Professionals to help her break into the field. 

Dr. Burnett’s career change was motivated by her dedication to helping patients in a personal and meaningful way. She saw medical cannabis as a way to fight the opioid epidemic, noting that she was tired of dispensing chronic opioids.

“The retail [pharmacy] space has changed so much and doesn’t offer the time needed to convey the proper information to patients,” Dr. Burnett said. “I want to be part of normalizing the use of cannabis and educating healthcare professionals about how valuable cannabis can be, especially for pain management.”

Dr. Burnett is the first graduate from USciences Online’s Graduate Certificate in Medical Cannabis for Health Professionals and has been able to put what she learned into action. In Pennsylvania, dispensaries are required to have a pharmacist or other healthcare professional onsite at all times. After completing the introductory course in the program, Dr. Burnett began working at a medical marijuana dispensary.

“I use the information I have learned from this certificate daily to educate my coworkers and during consultations to help guide patients to choose the best products for their qualifying conditions and therapeutic goals,” Dr. Burnett said. 

Choosing USciences Online to complete her graduate certificate allowed her to work at her own pace and cater her academics to meet her needs. 

“I used online platforms for reading the textbook and to complete assignments. Using these platforms allowed me to continue assignments right where I left off across any device” she said.  “While reading the text is standard, videos, podcasts, activities, and studies reinforced concepts and made them easier to apply to real world scenarios.”

Completing this graduate certificate program allowed Dr. Burnett to continue confidently on her path as a pharmacist and opened doors for her to help patients in a new way. She recently passed the clinical cannabis competency exam through the International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists, and plans to continue working in the medical cannabis industry moving forward. 

“What you put into the experience is what you will get out of it,” she shared. “Taking each assignment as the opportunity to learn something new, rather than a chore, will motivate you to learn as much as you can and propel you forward.”

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