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USciences Professor Interviewed About Novel Coronavirus

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on January 30, 2020

Speaking about the impact of a novel Coronavirus, how it spreads, and what the risks are for those in the U.S., Zachary Klase PhD, associate professor of biological scientists and a virologist by training, spoke to several media outlets about the new, viral threat. 

Dr. Klase spoke to The Philadelphia Inquirer about the prolonged incubation period of this particular virus.

“You have to watch people a little longer to be really sure,” said Klase, in an interview with reporter Tom Avril.

A more important question is how contagious the new virus is, the answer to which is still unknown, he said. 

“I would be more worried about the flu,” Dr. Klase told CBS Philly's Stephanie Stahl. “The flu is already here, causes tens of thousands of deaths.”

In an interview with 6abc, Dr. Klase said the best way to protect against the transmission of Coronavirus is to use the same practices you would use to prevent the spread of the cold or flu. 

“Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, stay away from people who are sick, wash your hands and don’t touch your face,” he said to reporter Ali Gorman.

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