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USciences PharmD Graduate Carries on 130-Year-Old Legacy

By Nicole Carrera

Published on May 21, 2020

Eric Miekley PharmD'20Eric Miekley PharmD’20 graduates from University of the Sciences’ Philadelphia College of Pharmacy this spring, but his connection to the college goes back much longer than those of his classmates. Miekley has a legacy that dates back over 130 years to when his great-great-grandfather, Ewald Gustav Ferdinand Mickley graduated from PCP in 1883.

“He was from Berlin, Germany, and lived in Des Moines, Iowa” Dr. Miekley said. “He then moved to Philadelphia to attend school.” 

While little is known about the 1883 graduate, he went on to own and operate a community Pharmacy in Philadelphia where he served the community for many years. 

Like his great-great-grandfather, Dr. Miekley is pursuing a career in pharmacy and wants to serve his patients either in the community pharmacy or hospital setting. Dr. Miekley is starting at CVS Pharmacy immediately following graduation and hopes to move up in the ranks there. In five years, he aims to be a Pharmacy Manager with CVS, while also dedicating some of his time to working in a hospital setting. 

While his great-great-grandfather’s alumni status wasn’t the reason Dr. Miekely chose USciences, the family connections to the school were an influence. Dr. Miekely shares that his family has known Dan Hussar P'62, MS’64, PhD’67, Dean Emeritus and Remington Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy, for many years which gave him confidence in the USciences pharmacy program. 

Dr. Miekley credits his coursework at USciences for leading him to success, namely the Community Pharmacy Management taught by Michael Thomson, RPh, BCACP, Coordinator of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences. “This class taught me a lot about the community pharmacy field while also offering fun assignments,” notes Dr. Miekley. 

During rotations Dr. Miekley was prepared for life post-graduation by giving him the hands-on experience to apply throughout his career. 

To prospective USciences students, Dr. Miekley emphasizes the balance between work and play. “Take on any relevant work experiences,” he said. “This can turn into a position after graduation or just ease the transition into your career. And enjoy your time during school, make time to hang out and have fun with your friends.”

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