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USciences Online Graduate Uses Certificate to Continue Advancing her Career

By Nicole Carrera

Published on November 16, 2020

Gina Pepe HAGC’20When Gina Pepe HAGC’20 was looking to continue her education, she knew that doing so through an asynchronous, online program would be her best option for success while juggling her busy life. Pepe chose USciences Online for her Health Administration Graduate Certificate, and is eager to apply what she learned to her career. 

“Having asynchronous/flexible coursework was a critical component in my success with the program,” Pepe said. “I work full time and the style and flexibility of the courses allowed me to keep on track and organized. The flexibility the courses give you allows you to balance your work-life balance with the addition of school, which for me was invaluable.”

Pepe works as an account representative for a large health insurance carrier, specifically working in their student health department. Her career path has been forged out of interest and passion for ensuring that everyone has adequate and accessible healthcare. Her interests span from making sure that everyone has a clear understanding of their healthcare options, to advocating for better primary care in lower income communities. 

Pepe recognizes that healthcare in the United States can be overwhelming for many people, and often comes with confusion and frustration. She is particularly interested in being an advocate for those seeking to better understand their healthcare options, and her graduate certificate from USciences Online has already been a valuable resource for her. 

Accessibility is a theme that I learned throughout all the courses I took, and as someone who works in health insurance ensuring that members get the best path to care possible is something I am passionate about.” shares Pepe. She cites her first course from the program with Natasha Webster, PhD, MSHSA, MHA, CA, for introducing her to the challenges that healthcare is facing right now. “The certificate program helped me learn more knowledge in the workings of healthcare and its delivery, and I plan to use this knowledge to apply to new positions in the field where I can be a greater advocate for the public.”

"I love this field because it's ever changing, fluid, and you learn something new every day."

-- Gina Pepe HAGC'20

Looking ahead, Pepe hopes to take her skills and use them to help those outside of the Philadelphia area, as well as sharing her knowledge through teaching. She also recognizes that goals evolve often, especially in the healthcare field. “I have many goals, but as I get older I know that so much can change,” she explains. “I love this field because it’s ever changing, fluid, and you learn something new every day.”

Her advice for students follows the theme of flexibility. With an undergraduate degree in exercise science, Pepe knows first hand the success that can come from switching gears and starting on a new path. 

“The advice I would give is that you never know where life will take you, and while I used to second guess my undergraduate education, it ultimately led me to where I am today. I am far from accomplishing all that I want to as far as career goals, but just trust your instincts and remember it’s okay to change your mind,” Pepe says. 

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