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USciences Online Graduate Helps Make Immediate Changes in Patient’s Lives

By Nicole Carrera

Published on December 3, 2020

Emely Pucheu HADM’20After completing her last year of her undergraduate degree online, Emely Pucheu HADM’20 began looking at online graduate programs as well. Originally looking at many program options, Pucheu ultimately chose USciences Online’s Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration. She said Student Success Coach  Marlaina Kloepfer helped her through the process and ensured she would complete the program. 

“After enrolling it was very easy to make friends or ask for assistance in the classes,” Pucheu said. “The professors have tried their best to explain or help with assignments whenever I have been confused.”

Pucheu works as an Incident Reporting Coordinator for All American Home Care where she works with insurances, hospitals, patients, and other agencies to ensure that patients are safe and properly cared for. Her certification in health administration has helped to advance her career and solidify her love of the field. 

“I picked health administration because I love the interaction between patients and workers,” she said. “I also like the fact that we can immediately notice a difference in the patient’s life”

Pucheu’s most notable class was Health Law Regulations Ethics. “Before this class I did not know anything about health law and policies, so it has definitely opened some doors [for me],” she shared. “In this course we were very active. I really enjoyed feeling involved and doing presentations, even if it was from my living room for the professor.”

Pucheu credits her mother, who also works in healthcare, as her inspiration for pursuing the health administration field. “I was able to take those lessons my mother taught me into my career with my own twist,” Pucheu explained. 

Looking to the future, she hopes to continue to apply her knowledge to grow in the industry and start her own agency or nonprofit. As a Philadelphia native, she hopes to give back to local communities in need.

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